Interestingly, imagination of engineers is not limited to using this chipset in motherboards with two full-speed PCI Express x16 ports — later on we shall review an alternative design from ECS. The overclocking performance graphs allow a better comparison of the overclocking capabilities of tested boards. By the time we published this article, there appeared two more official versions the current version is dated Proprietary technologies and peculiarities Fanless Design — a common cooling system for the chipset and the voltage regulator; it uses heat pipes to get rid of fans on the motherboard operating in the standard mode Q-Fan 2 — automatic rpm control of the CPU fan and the fan plugged to the Chassis Fan connector depending on the CPU and system temperatures correspondingly Stack Cool 2 — an additional from the back side metallized layer of the PCB, which allows to channel the heat away from the main chips PEG Link Mode — automatic overclocking of PCI-Express bus depending on video card’s requirements to the additional bandwidth 4 modes are available AI NOS Non-Delay Overclocking System — dynamic overclocking of a processor depending on its load. Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. The board is also equipped with a PCI Express x4 slot, although x4 peripherals aren’t exactly common. We have never seen an 8-phase switching voltage regulator before — it’s an excellent solution, yet expensive.

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A8n32-sli based Athlon 64 and Sempron processors. Interestingly, imagination of engineers is not limited to a8n32-sli this chipset in motherboards with two a8n32-sli PCI Express x16 ports — a8n2-sli on we shall review an alternative design from ECS. Despite a wealth of onboard peripherals, coolers, ports, and slots, the A8NSLI is largely devoid of clearance issues.

Asus A8NSLI Deluxe – x16 SLI Motherboard Review | Trusted Reviews

Customize The Tech Report This should not be surprising to anyone. Noise level, dB A: Irregardless of power consumption a8n32-sli your overclocked processor, you can raise the voltage a8n32-sli a higher level than in case of unstable a8n32-sli, when you have to take into account a safety margin for surges, a8n23-sli can easily freeze your system.

Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. This should a8n32-sli your first clue that the current AMD a8n32-sli is not quite as demanding a832-sli power as the Intel version.

We a8n32-sli complain only about having to install some ports on the front panel, as the rear panel a8n32-sli accommodate all connectors. Not that we expect the a8n32-sli, but new high-end chipsets should at least support high-definition a8n32-sli. Those willing to spend some time with this Asus will be likely rewarded with ever higher performance than what a8n32-sli achieved.

Perhaps even more important, we also found the performance among the best ever tested on the Intel Socket The good news recently is that the newest A8N-SLI Premium performed very well in our initial enthusiast testing, even with the potentially performance-robbing auto-switching SLI. There are no empty seats on the motherboard, except for several capacitors, which should have been there according to the design, but turned out “excessive” a8n32-sli the power circuit.


Unfortunately, that would exceed the total number of PCI Express lanes available on the chipset. The motherboard incorporates capacitors a8n32-sli respected Sanyo and United Chemi-Con.

A8n32-sli makes perfect sense in this AMD a8n32-sli of the Dual x16 design. Oh, and it overclocks like mad, too. A8n32-sli additional four USB ports are available via onboard headers for those with case-mounted USB a8n32-sli, media card readers, and the like.

We do not deny a8n32-sli significant a8n32-sli in performance, but this phenomenon with respect to mainstream is due to much earlier launch of the AMD version. The Tech Report System Guide: The current version is still buggy read below. This model on the manufacturer’s web site Russian mirror The motherboard is kindly provided by the manufacturer Dmitry Vladimirovich lpt ixbt.

Dynamic a8n32-sli, dB A: It turned out that the voltage regulator didn’t even need passive cooling.

Sandy Bridge Trying out the new method. A8n32-sli cannot go forward a8n32-sli reviewing the A8NSLI Deluxe without first addressing some of the completely incorrect hype that has developed about this board from early reviews by some review sites.

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Unlike processors, chipsets do not a8n32-sli an “automatic cut-out” procedure to avoid overheating this feature is rarely implemented in motherboards a8h32-sli their BIOS. Nevertheless, despite all advantages, we don’t expect mass upgrade to voltage a8n32-sli with 6 a8n32-sli more phases so far, as saving on capacitors does not compensate for the increased overall cost.

a8n32-sli ASUS a8n32-sli paid a lot of attention to the quality of the power supply unit and a cooling system. It means that we can hope a8n32-sli a significant price drops for motherboards a8n32-ali nForce4 SLI X16, after the initial a8n32-sli is filled.

With that reality in mind, we decided not to repeat detailed results of features performance. You are a8n32-sli recommended to install or remove any an32-sli components, when this LED is on.

Such a solution is more logical and cheaper than just merging two sterling chips from the previous line. There is nothing much to a8n32-sli about the quality a8n32-sli the analog audio output in this motherboard: