Empowering Technology” on page 1. The function does not emit radio frequencies simultaneously from both antennas. Use the product only with the supplied power supply cord set. Take short breaks regularly and often. Touchpad basics The following items show you how to use the touchpad: This button mimics your cursor pressing on the right scroll bar of Windows applications.

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Acer user’s guide notebook aspireaspire pages.

Icheckinu Password Recovery Service: DELL EEPROM/BIOS UNLOCK (Manually and Free)

Otherwise, any previously paired Bluetooth headset device shows “Read zspire Use”. Troubleshooting This chapter shows you how to deal with common system problems. To print the manual completely, please, download it.

Acer Epower Management To access this utility, select “Acer ePower Management” from the Empowering Technology toolbar, run the program from the Acer Empowering Technology program group in Start menu, acer aspire 3680 zr1 right-click the Windows power icon in the system tray and select “Acer ePower Management”.

Keep them away from children.

aver This feature occupies up to 10 GB in a hidden partition on your hard disk. FCC requires this product to be used indoors acer aspire 3680 zr1 the frequency range 5.

Num Lock Lights up when Num Lock is activated.

Entering passwords When a password is set, a password prompt appears in the center of the display screen. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page.


Plug the AC adapter aver the computer, and connect to a mains power outlet. Burn backup disc Using the Burn Disc page of Acer eRecovery Management, you can burn the factory default image, acer aspire 3680 zr1 user backup image, the current system configuration, or an application backup image to CD or DVD.

Windows Keys Windows keys The keyboard has two keys that perform Windows-specific functions. Easy solutions are provided for each one.

Insert a paper clip to the emergency eject hole to eject the optical drive tray when the computer is off. Acer eDataSecurity Management for acer aspire 3680 zr1 models Acer eDataSecurity Management is an encryption utility acer aspire 3680 zr1 protects your files from being accessed by unauthorized persons.

The Arcade and Power buttons have different functions depending on the current mode.

Acer Aspire 3680 User Manual

Provides a simple graphical user interface for navigation. Helps keep the computer cool. Check to see if Acer xcer recovery is enabled or not.


See “Launch Manager” on page Select the power plan you wish to delete from the drop-down list. Laptop Acer Service Manual pages. Since the TV content you watch always lags slightly behind the live TV broadcast, going to the end of the instant acer aspire 3680 zr1 recording is as close azpire watching live TV as Arcade permits. Use only batteries of acer aspire 3680 zr1 same kind as replacements. It takes approximately four hours for a full charge.

Acer VCM automatically pairs the phone acer aspire 3680 zr1 the notebook, then changes the phone Signal settings Click on Capture Device to select between an analog or digital input for your TV signal. Click “Apply” to save your new settings. Securing your computer Your computer is a valuable investment that you need to take care of. Please consult a qualified technician or contact your local Acer dealer. These recommendations are consistent with the independent research by and recommendations of Wireless Technology Research.

Lights up when the optical drive is active location depends aspir model. These cards should have a PC Card logo on them. If you want to delete the active power plan, switch to another one first. Indicates when the hard disk drive is active.

Entering Passwords, Setting Passwords Entering passwords When a password acer aspire 3680 zr1 set, a password prompt appears in the center of the display screen. Page If you still encounter problems after going through the corrective measures, please contact your dealer or an authorized service center for assistance.

If it is not lit, no power is being supplied to the computer. Album, Editing Pictures, Slide Show Settings Album Acer Arcade lets you view digital photos individually or as a slide show, from any available drive on your aspite. Security features include hardware and software acer aspire 3680 zr1 — a security notch and passwords.