It’s not the hard drive space that’s a problem with all these unwanted extras, but rather it’s the toll they take on machine responsiveness and boot times–and I received an email from one user complaining about how the auto-update functionality for much of the software comes enabled by default and how it can hog a lot of bandwidth on an office network. Visit manufacturer site for details. Multitouch gestures such as pinch-to-zoom, two-finger scroll and rotation were fluid and accurate. The Acer Aspire VG packs quite a punch, thanks to its 2. Digital audio transmission is possible through the HDMI.

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Review Acer Aspire V3-571G-73614G50Makk Notebook

This can easily be done with Acer’s v35-71g Management Tool. Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up v3-571t comment. Discussion threads can be closed at any time asus aspire v3-571g our discretion. Make no mistake, however: Their latest Aspire V3 series asus aspire v3-571g come with several noteworthy updates compared to previous value offerings, however, and the price might just scare a few of their competitors into making some much-needed improvements.

While this of course problematic for outdoor use, strong indoor lighting also significantly catches the glossy screen.

Acer Aspire VG – External Reviews

Thus you should avoid using the aspife on the lap when running demanding 3D applications such as games. The glossy plastic is a fingerprint magnet, as even the lightest touch asus aspire v3-571g sure to result in an unseemly smudge.

Besides the above items that I felt were completely useless and had the potential to interfere with using the laptop, there are some other software packages that you might want to uninstall asus aspire v3-571g well:. In addition, the fan will keep asus aspire v3-571g the hand of lefties, when using an external mouse.

Happily, the graphics card behaved as expected. When viewing from below, the colors are quickly inverted. Our V3 aims towards the multimedia user and should also appeal to the gaming enthusiasts. Acer Aspire VG Internals. Beyond system sounds, you’ll want to use headphones. I did a fair amount of typing on the V3 during the course of this review, and while I v3-571 prefer the key action on older ThinkPad and Latitude laptops, there’s a lot of personal asus aspire v3-571g in what makes for a comfortable keyboard.


We have no complaints about the 3. As is expected, Acer has made cost cuts here as well. The Acer Aspire VG packs quite a punch, thanks to its 2. However, the touchpad is anything but responsive as it constantly lags or even worse fails to read input all together.

On a brighter note the thin metal coating that supports the keyboard and speakers actually complements the glossy plastic quite well. Again our test model belongs aspier the top notebooks with GT M. While not terrible asus aspire v3-571g most horizontal angles, tilting the screen slightly forwards or backwards will quickly make asus aspire v3-571g screen appeared dimmed.

Acer Aspire VG Review

Our two chief complaints with aspkre laptop are its glossy, fingerprint-prone lidand the stiff mouse buttons. Disk data transfer rate. Gaming, albeit at partially reduced graphics, is also possible.

However, the sound quality does asus aspire v3-571g diminish when the audio is pushed past 90 percent becoming noticeably distorted. With all of the top-notch components in this notebook, we wish Acer would give consumers the option of a higher resolution display.

The maximum volume is enough for indoor use. As the temperature decreased, the clock frequency increased again.

The updated Spectre x inch convertible laptop adds terrific battery life and top-notch Asus aspire v3-571g on the back of the display case employs noticeable rippling on the display. There are two other pretty significant shortcomings, but both are again a factor of asus aspire v3-571g aspige.

But how does Acer’s Ivy Bridge notebook compare to the competition? Hyperthreading allows the four physical cores to process up to 8 threads simultaneously.