When the jammed paper is entirely removed, restore the machine to its original state. Transmission To add a destination, press [Add]. Page 29 Transmission Modes Sending multiple originals using the exposure glass Follow these steps to send multiple originals using the exposure glass. Press the letters you want to enter. In addition, this function scans the original faster than Immediate Transmission.

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Transmission Select a search destination. BFCS Select the paper tray where the tab stock is set. BFNS Keep your hands clear of the finisher tray when removing paper jam. However, the machine has three settings that you ricoh lan fax m8 adjust to help you transmit faxx document with the best possible image quality.

Print Journal Transmitting Journal by E-mail Use this function to send the Journal to the administrator’s e-mail address. Select the desired position, and then press [OK]. Reception Page Separation and Length Reduction If the size of a received document is longer than the paper loaded in the machine, each page of the document can be split and ricoh lan fax m8 on several sheets, or reduced ricoh lan fax m8 printed on a single sheet. Advanced Features Press [Option Setting].

Specify the original orientation. Select [Transmission File Status]. When entering numbers smaller than 10, add a zero at the beginning. You can specify the time taken ricoh lan fax m8 the stored data to be deleted automatically. When you change a Keystroke Program, press [Yes] after pressing the program number you want to change. Misfeed indicator Appears when a misfeed occurs. Orientation-fixed top to bottom or two-sided paper for example, letterhead ricoh lan fax m8, punched paper, or copied paper might not print correctly, depending on how the originals and paper are placed.

Simply double-click the downloaded file to install it. Top 2 of Staple with Right Fold. The following ricoh lan fax m8 appears. Using the number keys or a Destination key, specify a destination. You can change the default orientation with Copier Features.

You can change the style and position of the date to be stamped. Combination unavailable Precedence is given to the function selected later The following lists the combinations of functions. After transmission, the standby display appears. There are four types of special originals.



To confirm the transmission results by e-mail notification, press [E-mail TX Results] to highlight it. Select the ricih whose order you want to change. If the original has a darker background than normal for example, a newspaper clippingor if the writing is faint, adjust the density. Select ricoh lan fax m8 search destination.

Ricoh Aficio C3000 Operating Instructions Manual

Remarks Cleaning the Exposure Glass Cover The following procedure describes how to clean the exposure glass cover. Function List Function List This section explains various items that can be specified in the Facsimile Fea- tures menu.

If you turn this function on, ricoh lan fax m8 machine reduces the width and length of the received image so that it will fit on one page. Copier Functions Press [Finishing]. Transmission Modes There are two types of transmission: Programs can be recalled by just press- ing a ricoh lan fax m8 key.

Press [W] or [V] to adjust the density. Keep the journal if you require a record of transmissions and receptions. Copier Functions Changing the stamp position Changes the stamp position. Press the key for each condition, and then enter a partial string.

Select the line you want to use. Allows for a personalization of updates.

Fax via Computer Click the destination in the destination list to highlight it, and then click [Set as Destination]. To search by directly entering a user name, press [Manual Entry], and then enter the user name. If the machine cannot detect the original ricoh lan fax m8, a confirmation message appears.

Canceling a Transmission Before the Transmission Is Started Use this procedure to cancel a transmission after the original is scanned. When the search ricoh lan fax m8 finished, a result appears. On the [File] menu, click [Print Page Sending a Stored File Select the documents to be sent.