I took my A75 apart last night cleaned out the lint and put it back together. Thanks for any help or advice. So what can I try to do?? Hi, I have a used toshiba satellite A15, the guy I bought it from told me it worked fine, but when I got it home it would start go through the bios and then shut down. I push the button, I hear the fan turn on for 3 seconds, then turn off.

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I satellite m55-s3314 been searching for 2 weeks how to disasemble my m35x-s laptop to resolder the power port.

It looks like that the battery charges when the laptop is turned off. Fixed the laptop by replacing satellite m55-s3314 fan.

BIOS Setup / BIOS settings — access instructions

Reading this blog gives me some satellite m55-s3314, and in the event that i totally screw it up, i am resigned. Check if it fixes the problem. Oh my God I travel all over the satellite m55-s3314 with my laptop and could not figure out why it was shutting down. Most likely the video are choppy because the CPU is always busy. I have a problem with my Ps Thank you though for your speedy response.

No odd sounds or anything.

Toshiba Laptop Batteries from Canada.

Any satellite m55-s3314 ideas on the display problem would be much appreciated also. Just be sure to save all satellite m55-s3314 the different screws when you take the cpu apart!! Found your info thru Google. So, it again is either going to be a simple fix or thrown away.

Are you using an original Toshiba restore CDs? Sztellite I said in my previous comment, try to minimize the system.


When LCD inverter fails, the backlight turns off, but you m55-s33114 should see the desktop very dim image. Items sold by Walmart.

Featured Shipping Pass Products Household. Usually we replace the fan in this stellite. Having read about others Satellite m55-s3314 problems during reassembly, Id rather not pull the heat sink off. Any suggestion on what to do next?

In Toshiba Satellite A75 for example, when you turn on the laptop the fan start spinning very fast and then it slows down. You can xatellite fans through the grill on the bottom. I would really apreciate it. Push it to the right to remove it? satellite m55-s3314

Toshiba Laptop Chargers

So for me, I satellite m55-s3314 the new thermal compound from Arctic Silver did the trick. It works fine when I connect it to a monitor.

Take your laptop to a repair shop and they will replace the main board. Anyone has any experince?

Can u advcie how much it will cost to replace the screen rgds amit. It should also satellite m55-s3314 to make your laptop quieter. CJ, I took your solution and went satrllite my local computer store and picked up Ceramique an Arctic Silver product.

Brought it back home, had it working for satellite m55-s3314 couple of hours and got back the same satellite m55-s3314 I have took it apart and cleaned out the heatsink which had dust clogs in it.