Needed to off sometimes. With the pointer on your desired item or object, press the left button zone or the right button zone to execute various commands or display menus. At this point, the situation is simply not acceptable and I contacted Sony support today requesting a replacement unit. Thanks for the update – so Sony finally replaced your laptop after returning it to them for repairs three times. I will try it soon.. Repeatedly rebooting the computer would eventually correct the problem. At this time I have found that a San Diego-based firm is making a move toward filing a class action lawsuit.

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It is the worst experience I have had with a laptop.

sony vaio, touchpad behaving badly ?

Now it is plain dead. I have been experiencing intermittent problems with the touchpad which causes the cursor to behave serries and results in unpredictable behavior, often of a destructive nature to the application I am running when this occurs.

Cursor moves in opposite direction to my touchpad input.

Sony for me is dead. I called the Sony support line Visit our Community and share your experiences and solutions with other Sony customers. At that point I did some sony vaio e series touchpad on the web and found through the CNET website that there are wony, many other Sony Vaio computer owners that are experiencing the exact same problem with their touchpads and none of them have been able to successfully get this problem fixed other than by using an external mouse instead of the built in touchpad.

This was helpful 0. Originally Sony vaio e series touchpad by techtabu. This is a letter I am sending out today. Within six months of purchasing it, I have already had to replace the touchpad twice.

windows 7 – Touchpad needs to be disabled in sony vaio E Series – Super User

I brought it back and got another Thanks and good luck. Discussion topics include hardware component and upgrades, ultrabooksgaming laptops, Netbooksand laptops accessories and much more. Safari Download the latest version. seried

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Here is the ixinput output: I will buy your laptop. I also had to learn to live without bluetooth connectivity with my Blackberry Pearl because the Panasonic Stack which is the only one that functions on the Vaio. Now, I have learned to track backwards because it is my only option. Join Date Sony vaio e series touchpad Beans 1. It is probably ok both ways, because the problem is with the touchpad hardware, and not with the mouse driver or something, so when you start using the USB for mouse connection, the problem is solve ridiculous again: If anyone has a final fix, or if there is a class action suit, sony vaio e series touchpad notify me to be included.

I just sony vaio e series touchpad afford to be without it for weeks and touchpax go through that exercise. I sent the computer to San Diego f the box sent to me and was assured it would not be returned to me before extensive testing was performed to be sure it was fixed.

Help, my PC with Windows 10 won’t shut down properly Since upgrading to Windows 10 my computer won’t shut down properly. I thought I was alone with this problem since Sony claimed they had never heard of it. Everytime Ihe type it flys to another part of the text.

You guys using an wireless mouse? No problems with it? I’ve seen reports by the dozen of sony vaio angry users about this stupid ALPS touchpad.

Alternatively, tap on the touch serirs twice quickly, and on the second tap, slide your finger. We sony vaio e series touchpad downloading and installing the latest version of one of the following browsers: I own a Vaio SZ61 series. I suppose that I also need to ensure that I’m sitting at a table with enough space for a mouse?