USB loader dont see this partitions 0 Age Star 2. Sniffing the USB interface showed this:. Also works flawlessly with Nintendont!! Tested with gb 3. Works great for backups only.

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Worked with WBFS manager 3. Needs the short orign. Did not work with cfg usb loaer v65 on fat32 or ntfs. Samsung G2 Portable GB 2.

All other USB loaders untested. Please support our project by allowing our site to show ads.

Geexbox and wiimc work both well. Your email address will not be published. Advertising seems to be blocked by your browser. Games load on both Wiiflow and Uloader, but freeze after a couple fid minutes of playing.

Works out of the box with GeeXboX, but additional software to remove the virtual cd off the hard drive is required to make it work with usb loaders and such. Works great for usb vid 0fca pid 8004 mi 00 only. Tested Western Digital gb.

This might, however, be because of other reasons. Didn’t work with NTFS, ends up corrupting the partition. Not tested with memory 800 inserted. Same drive works with butchered Western Digital usb to sata adapter, with no issues.

BlackBerry BlackBerry Smartphone – two ways of downloading and installing the driver

Tested with Seagate Barracuda Insert the USB device into your Mac. Works fine for most people, but I tried this and vd USB loader recognises my flash drive. Vantec NexStar TX 2. Tested with Western Digital GB. Might be fixed on the next version of USB Loader. This driver works on Windows 5.

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8004 format in USB Loader shows several partitions with unrealistic sizes, e. Works perfectly with Neogamma R8 b7. Tried with Homebrew on fat 32 partition and it works like a charm!

I tried multiple loaders with no success. Disk mode required to work, as above.

U盘主控方案生产厂商查询,VID和PID查询大全[]|U盘存储技术 – 数码之家

Used wii to format 1 FAT32 partition and successfully ripped and played games from wii using usbl. This download link is for the driver version 4. The drive is instantly recognised. It only works with the cable with two USB connectors data and usb vid 0fca pid 8004 mi 00 powerboth plugged into Wii usb ports. Only download this driver. Just one ussb WBFS format, more than GBs, with open wiiflow u can read the drive but as soon as you click on “play” any game, the thing freezes, black screen, wiimote disconects and u have to hard power off the console, USBloaderGX doesn’t work at all.